About David Komar

I grew up in Stockholm, surrounded by classical music and listened day out and day in to Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Shostakovich for hours and hours.

Shortly after, I started to practice piano by ear in very early ages, finding the correct keys to finally learning my favorite kid's shows, cartoons and music I loved. I studied violin for 8 years at the Royal Music Institute of Stockholm, as well as continuing learning piano and also guitar and bass.

Music and especially film music has been something that has surrounded me since my youth. Since I first listened to James Horner's "The land before time" soundtrack, I really felt the emotion the soundtrack brought. Since then, film music has always been my passion.

Beautiful melodies keep appearing to me everywhere I go, even if it's 4am. Combining these, with a beautiful, strong and emotional picture is something I love doing.
I really hope to inspire you and that we can work on something big together, so don't hesitate to reach out!

Yours sincerely,
David Komar