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I create timeless compositions with a unique and personal sound,
created to develop a deep and emotional touch to your art.
Listen to some of my creations and hopefully we will be working on something big together!


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What i can provide

I grew up in Stockholm, surrounded by classical music and listened day out and day in to Beethoven, Bach and Mozart for hours and hours. 

Shortly after, I started to practice piano by ear in very early ages, finding the correct keys to finally learning my favorite kid's shows, cartoons and music I loved. I studied violin  for 8 years at the Royal Music Institute of Stockholm, as well as continuing learning piano and also guitar and bass. Now I can play almost any song I hear or have heard.

 Music and especially film music has been something that has surrounded me since my youth.  Since I first listened to James Horner's "The land before time" soundtrack, I really felt the emotion the soundtrack brought. Since then, film music has always been my passion.

Beautiful melodies keep appearing to me everywhere I go, even if it's 4am. Combining these, with a beautiful, strong and emotional picture is something I love doing. 
I really hope to inspire you and that we can work on something big together, so don't hesitate to reach out!
 Yours sincerely,

David Komar
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I create a unique sound more for your media content


I play on your event or wedding and make an absolutely unforgettabe moment


I can help you with melodies, music lessons or help you analyze your track and make your project alive!


Avcii AB / AtNight Management /PRMD , various music jobs  –  Link to playlist

Universal Music Sweden / Avicii – The story behind the album “TIM” –  (sound design, piano work) 

Dirty South – DJ producer, “Walking Alone” single, official piano rendition release

DeVetDu – Supported piano covers @ instagram channel (Universal Music)

MODE cold brew – Cold brew coffee brand and startup

Benn Wiebe – producer 

StageCast Livehacks Music Hackathon (winning team) – link to video trailer 

Jorge A. Alfaro –   film producer & screenwriter

Henrik Friis de Magalhães e Meneses,  film producer and founder of HF-Productions 

Firenze Film Festival

Prague Film Awards

Rome Independent Cinema Festival

Stockholm Independent Film Festival

Tara MacDonald (famous singer and perfomer, personally contacted for creating a piano remake of a new single)

TESLA, Jaguar Group, Audi motors – commercial music for Carblog.se

Stay tuned, more media is coming very soon!



David Komar showreel sample : Swedish House Mafia mixtape

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I would love to work with you don't hesitate to reach out!